Complete Review of DashNex PowerTech Pro Store Builder and Website Builder (92% discount provided below)

Complete Review of DashNex PowerTech Pro Store Builder and Website Builder (92% discount provided below)

Dec 12, 2023

DashNex PowerTech Pro is a great alternative to Shopify as well as for all other website builders. For a low 1-time fee, you get a store builder, website builder and a link-in-bio site. More features are coming as well. Read on as I discuss the benefits of this great software.

Here is a rundown of the benefits of this DashNex PowerTech Pro Store Builder.

🟒 Launch a local delivery or dropshipping store, sell services, event tickets, print-on-demand or other digital products

🟒 Intuitive launch wizard makes it very fast and easy to launch your store in minutes. This is the ecom store that your grandmother can build!

🟒 With more than 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices, DashNex Store Builder is fully optimized and mobile responsive resulting in top-notch customer experience for any type of ONLINE STORE where you can offer UNLIMITED products in ANY CURRENCY

🟒 Easily create HIGH CONVERTING product pages that will make your compelling offer even more appealing to your customers
No monthly fees, no transaction charges. Own the store for life

🟒 Can accept PayPal, Stripe, credit/debit cards, cash on delivery (COD), or store pickup

🟒 You can sell other people's products and take a commission, or rent out the top spot of featured items

🟒 Superior marketing features such as countdown timers, post-sale upsells, coupon codes, dynamic free shipping bars, product linking and many others which you would pay monthly if you were with other providers, but totally FREE with DashNex

🟒 1-click product import if you have existing inventory in your files. For dropshippers, you can easily do a 1-click product import from AliExpress

🟒 Product Review Engine lets you control the reviews that gets shown and gives you an option to instantly reward customers who leave awesome reviews through unique discount codes

🟒 State-of-the-art cart and checkout system designed from the results of intensive research done on the world's biggest stores

🟒 Use the checkout links to sell products even outside your ecom store through the Straight-To-Checkout feature

🟒 Assign User-Managers with limited rights

🟒 Product feeds to directly sync your store inventory with Facebook Shops and Google Shopping

🟒 Create private offers for your special customers' eyes only

dashnex powertech pro

Right below are the features of the DashNex PowerTech Pro Website Builder:

🟒 Create websites, sales funnels, different kinds of landing pages and blogs

🟒 Build a website from scratch using our state of art LIMITLESS editor, which also includes a drag & drop webpage builder, inline editor for templates, WYSIWIG Editor, and even get inside the code and do top-level modifications if you have the skill

🟒 Create sales or lead generation funnels, run sweepstake campaigns and deliver lead magnets

🟒 Easy Optins feature allows you to get leads even without an autoresponder

🟒 Create sales or lead generation funnels, run sweepstake campaigns and deliver lead magnets

Below are common features for both the website builder and the store builder:

🟒 Get SEO traffic to your websites and stores with our proprietary SEO tools

🟒 Experience the webpage loading speed like no other platform can provide out of the box

🟒 Receive unrestricted access to our extensive library of step by step video tutorials and documentation (updated regularly)

🟒 Hosting already included. No monthly fees to think of

🟒 Automatic affiliate of DashNex PowerTech PRO, earning as much as 50% commission

🟒 Install Facebook Pixel, Google Tags and other tracking codes so you can follow the customer journey and act accordingly to maximize conversions

🟒 Robust automation option through Zapier integration

🟒 Integrate with popular email autoresponders so you can follow-up abandoned carts abd build great relationships with customers to ensure maximum retention

🟒 You can also sell websites and stores to other people and earn robust profits while working at home or at the beach or wherever you want. Just contact me if you need more stores for your clients and we can discuss all options available at a very affordable price

🟒 Access to DashNex Powertech PRO Facebook Group

🟒 Get UNLIMITED, 24/7 email & chat support, and so much more

DashNex also provides a link-in-bio site free to use for everyone.

If you want to see a quick screen-share demo of DashNex, check out my video below:

The frontend price of DashNex PowerTech is $27 and the PRO Upgrde is immediately offered at $97 as an upsell, for a totla of $124 for the DashNex PowerTech Pro.

With my special partnership agreement with DashNex, I can offer a limited number of licenses with a huge 92% discount!

Click here to purchase DashNex PowerTech Pro at a super low price of $9.97.